Photos: Nicki Minaj Rocks Natural Hair Nicki Minaj Rocks Natural Hair
Its like a miracle!I never knew this day would come but it turns out Nicki is actually gorgeous in her natural hair. I never really liked her look after the fringe wig (her video ‘your love’), black hair really suit her. She should leave the colored wigs/weaves,especially the blonde ones,they are horrible. The Rapper shared photos on her instagram page with caption;‘No perm. No extensions,’ ‘Lol I have more pics to post but maybe I should wait,’ See more photos after the cut…

Impressive! Nicki Minaj ditched her ever-present wigs, weaves, and extensions to share an Instagram snap of her real ponytail Thursday
Star pasties: Perhaps Nicki's latest shoot will be the beginning of a more natural look for the outlandish pop star
Photos: Nicki Minaj Rocks Natural HairPhotos: Nicki Minaj Rocks Natural Hair

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