Photos and Video of topless Kim Kardashian in Kanye west New single ‘Bound 2’

Photos and Video of topless Kim Kardashian in Kanye west New single 'Bound 2'
I don’t if these enjoy being hated or they just don’t care. I really don’t get the aim of this video.Meanwhile how did Kim’s waist get so small,hmmm? Anyways it’s not surprising for kim considering she became famous through a sex tape,so i guess she’s just free-styling. Baby Nori will be proud.
More disturbing images to probably some people and video after the cut…

Sexy: The reality TV star writhes around on her fiance Kanye in a scene from his latest music video
Weight loss: The results of Kim's amazing 50lbs weight loss following the birth of their daughter North in June is clear
Straddle: Kim straddles her fiance as he sings his latest single Bound 2
 Revealing! Nothing is left to the imagination in the very raunchy video for Bound 2, and there's even this revealing nipslip
Slim: Kim may have given birth to her first child in June but her figure looks flawless
What would North say? The couple welcomed their first child in June and luckily the tot is too young to see her parents' cringeworthy video
Stunning: Kim appears in silhouette wearing just a pair of skin-tight trousers and high heeled boots at the beginning of the video
No false modesty here! Both Kim and Kanye are obviously very proud of the reality TV star's figure, judging by the numerous close-ups of her body
It's not all x-rated: at one stage Kim appears to be wearing a top as she and Kanye ride through Yosemite National Park
Never let go: Kim clutches on to Kanye while he spreads his arms wide as he sings
Something you want to tell us Kim? The reality TV star's waist looks suspiciously tiny in the new video
Background: The simulated drive shows the couple driving through Monument Valley in Utah
Seductive: Kim dusts off her acting skills to writhe around seductively for the camera

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