My thoughts

Life has a funny way of turning out sometimes. People never want to have anything to do with you until  you are somebody. While the people you have always loved and cherish don’t even get it. It’s every possilble to be with somone for a long time and not knowing who the really are. Maybe

My grammy winners list 2013

Record of the year- we are young FUN ft janelle monae Album of the year- some nights Fun song of the year – call me maybe best new artist- the lumineers best pop solo performance – set fire to the rain Adele best pop duo/group performance – payphone maroon 5 ft wiz khalifa best pop

Dating your friend.

How do one feel dating a mummy’s boy? i don’t know about, but its just a turn off for me! i use to date this guy, we were friends but later decided to give dating a try since he kept telling me how he has always loved me from the first time he saw me.

Happy New Year!!!

Not saying any resolution this year,just doing them.God have been so good to us all,not cos we are so rich /poor, smart/dumb,tall/short,sick/healthy, righteous/unrighteous etc but because of His Grace in the life of you and I. After all we’ve been through in 2012, don’t see how we won’t live through 2013. Therefore, i pray for

how i feel sometimes

i feel like writing dont know what i’m doing my childhood all over again except this time i’m all grown up have a lot i still want to do but it seems like i cant do anything a lot goes through my mind will my dream come true? will i be happy? will i be

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