how i feel sometimes

i feel like writing dont know what i’m doing my childhood all over again except this time i’m all grown up have a lot i still want to do but it seems like i cant do anything a lot goes through my mind will my dream come true? will i be happy? will i be

Naeto C’s Traditional wedding.

Naeto C & Nicole Nigerian super rap star – Naeto C has made his marriage rites to ex-model and now Masters Student – Nicole Chukwueke official yesterday Monday 9th April 2012 in Nicole’s  hometown. The soon to be Mr & Mrs who had their traditional introduction ceremony on Thursday 29th December 2011 were all smiles and


i took this picture on the rock in kaduna,nigeria where i went to visit my broke ass ex. it was a nice view… PS:if you are interested in my miserable past with the dude,let me know.i’ll give you all the juicy details….

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