Orlando Bloom paints daughter’s room shirtless

Olando Bloom

Orlando Bloom showed off his fit physique in a video he shared on Instagram painting his daughter,Daisy Dove’s room which was captured by Katy Perry.

Orlando laughed saying ;’Let’s do it,’as Katy called him ‘Dad of the year’.

Some fans commented on the video;’Okay but yes, I love a good dilf.’- one said.

‘I swear this man doesn’t age,’ gushed a fourth, as another fan commented: ‘This is the sexiest thing ever.’

‘You’re hired,’ teased one more, while another flirty fan posted: ‘It looks fabulous – and honestly, so do you.’

Another follower joked: ‘Flat packs and a [six] pack.’

Lol,Orlando looks really good though.

Olando Bloom

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