Oh No! 50 Cent B***g*d Empire’s Cookie?

Oh No! 50 Cent B***g*d Empire's Cookie?

 Controversial Rapper 50 cent claimed to hit TV series Empire,Cookie,Taraji P Henson back in the day. After Cookie made a statement about him on a scene from one of the episodes,saying;

50 cent still taking jab at us,look what he put on the gram (I’m guessing it’s instagram,lol),he thirsty!

And 50 cent replied in a video,TMZ shared;In the video 50 was chilling in the studio playing a beat and looked like he was about to rap and he says,

Can’t believe cookie would say sh*t about me like that…thirsty?!Me Thirsty? C’mon..Stupid. Mehn me and cookie go way back,you know i hit that.

Oh c’mon!Really fifty?You should know when to let things go…it’s a TV series for Pete’s sake. You must not always talk.Smh

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