Nigerians are biased.Not my conclusion,just a thought!

Nigerians are biased.Not my conclusion,just a thought!

In the world,
individuals can be biased about specific things but in Nigeria, it seems to be
general. We are very impartial and judgmental about everything. This does not
mean that we are not creative, we are but we don’t just think that some things
are possible or that we are good enough or have what it takes. Do you ever
wonder why people don’t make it here but the minute they step into other countries,
their hard work starts showing? Or the ones that says Nay to Nayers and decides
to keep working hard and put their work out there, starts to get recognized?
In Nigeria,
we always believe to be successful, you have to look a certain way, act a
certain way or be born a certain way. We don’t believe that a person can be
successful based on hard work, talent and perseverance. We believe;

If you
don’t have a voice like Celine Dion, you can never be a successful musician.
If you
don’t have swag “attitude” you can never be a successful actor.
If you
don’t have connection, you can never get a good job.
If you
don’t dress well, you can never be a successful designer.
If you don’t
study English, you can never be a good writer.
If you
are not lousy, you can survive.
If you don’t
have money, you can never be a successful business man. Etc
The truth
is, all these happen a lot here that people just draw into conclusion how life
should be in our beloved country. No one wants to make a change, everyone just
want to place blame. We all rush to blame the government on the issues of
electricity, water, jobs and education in this country but then I ask myself,
who is the government?
The government started with an individual like you and I. Yes, the person made
a mistake or like they say “
chop and clean mouth”. So what happen to person
after that one? And the one after? If not that they all decided to do the same
thing or even worse. The painful aspect about everything is that, we the youths
that are complaining now, when and if we find ourselves in such position, will
Nigeria be great? Are we going to implement all these complain we’ve been
having for years now? Or are we going to “
chop and brush teeth? Have we really thought about
looking at things differently and not the usual way we thinks thing should be? Like;

I don’t have
a voice like Celine Dion but I can sing, it’s my passion and I’m willing to
improve. Even if I have to take voice lessons and learn how to play
I don’t
have swag, but I believe I am designed to play some kind of role.
I don’t have
connection “my father is not a billionaire” but I’m really smart and hard
I’m not
well dressed but I can sketch good clothes.
I don’t
have a PhD in English but I have imaginations.
I’m not
a trouble maker but I’ll live.
I don’t
have money but I have good ideas.
The earlier
we start looking at things in a positive light, the better for us. If the sky
can accommodate every star, moon and Sun., although different time of the day,
it just shows that everyone has their time and destiny. So why do we try to
kill hopes and dreams, just because we don’t believe in some certain things. I
believe our country is big enough for anyone that wants to succeed. Therefore,
we should try as much as possible to stop instilling the wrong things in
peoples head and making them feel less of themselves by giving them a chance or
allowing them to take chances. In the western part of the world, there are a
lot of successful musicians (Celine Dion, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, backstreet boys,
west life, Beatles, U2 etc), actors(Sean Connery. Christian Bale, Leonardo Dicarpio,
Angelina Jolie, Julia Robert, Claire Danes, Sandra bullock, Halle Berry…) writers
(J.K Rowling, Jamie Oliver, Richard Parsons, Nigella Lawson etc), designers(Ralph
Lauren, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom ford, Christian Dior, Donatella
Versace, Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel…) and business men/Entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs,
Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Virginia Rometty, Ursula Burns). Do they all look
and act the same? Are they all from the same family “connection” or just born
that way? No. They put their talent to good use by working hard and believing
in themselves. Because, sometimes that’s all we need; to believe in ourselves,
work hard and persevere

 I’m not saying we don’t have great and successful
people (Aliko Dangote, Wale Adenuga, psquare, Genevieve Nnaji, Chimamanda
Adichie etc Err you see how difficult it was for me to keep mentioning
compared to the foreign ones?) in our country; we have a few of them actually
but I believe we can do better and not conclude based on looks, behavior,
family or origin. 

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