My top 10 favorite YouTubers


Hey guys!

How are you doing? And how is the self-quarantine going? Hope great. I mean, this is a really difficult time; some people have lost loved ones to this virus, some are self-quarantining yet have nothing to eat nor protect themselves, some are suffering from the disease with no proper medical supplies…but I can assure you, this too shall pass.

I’m home, been home for almost two weeks now and I must tell you, it has not been easy. I wake up at a very late hour because of sleep late ofcourse, prepare what to eat, have my bath, check my phone, watch some movies, YouTube videos, sleep and do this all over again, every day! It’s exhausting, so I decided to start writing again and share with you guys my favorite Youtubers and how they have kept me occupied during this period. Before corona virus, this was (still is) my go to YouTube channels. This list is in no particular order as they are all unique and amazing.

Dimma Umeh

  1. Dimma Umeh

Yes, the ever beautiful and creative Dimma Umeh. Since I found her in early 2019 (I watched a lot of YouTube videos last year) though I knew her as Thatigbochick before then, I’ve been in love with her. Dimma is a lifestyle Vlogger, she started with makeup and then went on with DIY’s, then travel.  There are lots of YouTuber that discuss and show makeup but there is something about Dimma that makes her standout. To be honest, I wasn’t really  crazy about her makeup though she does it perfectly well, it was more of her DIY’s,I love how she changes the look in her home ,how she travelled to Italy and this year to Kenya this where she seemed to have had a lot of fun (sometimes I feel she doesn’t loosen up so this was fun to watch).

Sisi Yemmie

  1. Sisiyemmie

Ah,Sisi Yemmie! One of the realest. There was a time I watched her videos like my life depends on it, if I didn’t have enough data, I would download it on YouTube. It’s also a lifestyle vlog with a lot of cooking which I love; each time I need to make festive season meals, she is my go to Vlog. I also love her house hunt videos,yeah there is something about architecture and interior design that I love ,so I’m always excited about that too. Sisiyemmie was the first Nigerian Youtube videos I watched and was inspired.

Cindyrella OG

  1. Cindyrella OG

Oh yeah, my sister from Imo state born in the states (United States). Cindyrella OG is a fine young woman. Her vlog is about Lifestyle as well but my favorite segment is where she invites her friends Malik,Chinedu,Nneoma and co. Where they do asking for a friend, talk about growing up Nigerian. It’s really interesting to watch.  Each time I watch them it just reminds me of myself growing up and how life was so much easier and fun.

My top 10 favorite YouTubers

  1. Naka and Dom

Ouuuh,my favorite YouTube couple,Naka and Dom. These guys just make you want to be in a relationship and travel the world. I discovered them early last year and have watched all of their videos. Dominic has a beautiful face with a hot body and is just the sweetest to Naka. Naka is cute and mischievous… Together the make a great couple.  Their channel is very entertaining and informative. They went through hell this year when they were trying to get home due to corona virus; they shared their story and luckily they found their way back home and have released more videos since then.

They kind of set the bar on relationships. I love their pranks,travel and workout videos. Dom shows us how to treat a lady; their relationship keeps growing every day. He supports Naka and makes her better and she does the same. I’m just waiting for their wedding invitation…You know, when all these crazy dies down.

Breeny Lee

  1. Breeny Lee

My girl Breeny! This is a relationship and dating Vlog. Breeny Lee started her channel in her car and went on to other places and I’ve seen that channel grow successfully. Breeny gives advice on dating and relationships, she is now in a committed relationship but before then she talked about being single for 10 years and how she raised her standards for the one for her. It’s really inspiring and amazing how someone that young could be so wise. I learnt a lot from her that’s for sure. If you feel you have some relationship issues you would like to tackle (don’t we all), that’s a channel you should check out.

Heather Lindsey

  1. Heather Lindsey

My Christian sis,Heather Lindsey. Yeah,this is a Christian channel that also talks about relationships, dating and waiting on the one God has for you. Lindsey is very knowledgeable with the word of God; she is so soft-spoken, married with two kids. If you check her videos you would see how she talked about being single to meeting her now partner and how God took her through everything by listening to his word. I learn a lot from her and I’m sure you will too.

derrick Jaxn

  1. Derrick Jaxn

Team Jaxn what’s happening? Derrick Jaxn the love doctor. This is a relationship and dating channel where a dark handsome looking guy talks in his car about relationships and the kind of guys we should be wary of. Most guys don’t like him for this but the ladies love him because he exposes a lot of things that guys do that we should be mindful of. His like this guy friend that tells you what to do when you are dating or in a relationship so you don’t make mistakes .You guys should check him out, I’m sure you’ll like him.

My top 10 favorite YouTubers

  1. Jay Shetty

The famous ex-monk and the very inspirational You Tuber. Before these other guys above, Jay Shetty was my go-to vlog.  It’s an inspirational and motivational channel that to be honest have helped me in every aspect of my life. Jay is like an angel sent from heaven to guide us on how to live this life. I discovered him in 2017 and have never stopped watching him since them. You wonder how someone this beautiful inside out cold be so filled with wisdom. He is the real deal guys, I’m sure you all already know him but yes he is my favorite.

Prince EA

  1. Prince EA

Yep, another inspirational channel with a lot of rhymes to it. Prince EA real name Richard Williams is another famous Youtuber, who like Jay Shetty inspires me to do better and reminds me of how powerful I can be. I discovered him around the same time I discovered Jay. His words are so wise and true that when he speaks, you just feel like you can do anything.  If there is anything like watching a book;you know like watching an author write stories, this guy would be it –same goes for Jay Shetty too.




Maraji real name Gloria Oloruntobi,a Nigerian internet sensation that captivated us with her creative and funny videos. Maraji’s channel is in the comedy category, I think she is trying to include travel to it which seems fun too. I love how she plays different characters and I’m inspired by her editing skills.  She is not the first to do this but I love how she brings her style to it. Her facial expression, her wit and sense of humor just separates her from the rest. She is pretty amazing, you should check her out.

The truth is most people don’t read blogs anymore (especially Nigerians – we definitely don’t like to read). And I think I’m part of the majority, though I have my favorite bloggers that I still check on once in a while ,I’m more of visuals now.   I mean these guys are making me want to start my own YouTube channel; look at Derrick Jaxn, most of his videos are in his car in three to five minutes, yet he passes his message and have a lot of subscribers… It’s quite inspirational.

But then I’m really shy so I don’t know if it’s something I would like to do now, maybe sometime in the future, thank God most of my readers are not Nigerians so I think my blog will do just fine.

So there you have it, these guys are pretty awesome and I learn something new every day with their videos. They’ll educate you, inspire you, entertain you or do all at the same time. You should check them out.


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