My Movie synopsis

Movie title : MR RIGHT

This is a story about a 35 year old working class lady with a good job
and an apartment. Since she has almost everything,she decides to settle
down. Due to her work she didn’t have time for relationships,her career
always comes first till she realized time was not on her side and
decides to settle down. She thinks she can control her love life the way
she controls her career but it talks two to decide that. She had
friends that are in relationships and planning to settle down so that
was a wake up call for her.
She tried online dating,she met different guys with all kinds of
characteristics. She even asked her friends to hook her up with guys
since she felt they knew her better and who might be right for her but
it didn’t go how she wanted it, then she concludes that online and
arranged dating wasn’t for her.
She attended her friends bachellorette party,out of frustration,she
starts drinking,meets a guy ,follows him to his apartment and have sex
with him. The following day,she woke up and was disappointed with
herself for sleeping with a guy on the “first date”, so she taught.
Thinking they might have started a relationship,she goes to the kitchen
and starts making breakfast,only for the guy to wake up, surprised she
was still around and then thanked her for the night before. She felt so
humiliated and vowed not to search for a guy anymore and concentrate on
She was so upset by men that the sight of them exasperated her. Until
she discovered that she didn’t really love these men,she just wanted to
settle down because she wasn’t getting any younger and most of her
friends were getting married. Until one day,she walks out of a
supermarket and sees a cab in front,she asked him if he could take her
then the initial passenger of the cab walks towards the cab and tells
her,its his cab. She backs off and he calls her back and asked for them
to share the cab,she refused then leaves her to go with the cab alone.
He gives the cab guy money but she rejects his money. He finds interest
in her and decides to follow her. With time he started sending flowers
to her apartment and asking her on a date. She tells her friends,they
advice her to give him a chance.
Finally she decides to go on a date with him and it was better than any
date she’s been in. They start enjoying each others company and dated
for a while before he asked her to marry him on the night of her friends

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