Miya Marcano update: Suspect found dead

Miya Marcano

A search for 19-year-old Miya Marcano is still going on and according to reports ,the suspect, Armondo Caballero, was found dead Monday of an apparent suicide.

Orange County sheriff said;
“We’re still doing everything possible we can to find her,””No bit of information is too small or too insignificant,” said the sheriff. “If someone knows of something, saw something, recognizes her face we will take that information.”
“You don’t have to know her personally. Just say her name she can probably hear you.”

Miya’s aunt,Semone Westmaas said;
“Like a nosebleed. Like your head on a pillow and had a nose bleed,”
“He said, ‘are you looking for Miya?’ I said, ‘who are you?’ He said, ‘I’m the maintenance guy. I hear you’re looking for me,'” she said.

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