Meet Nigerian PhD holder at 27

Nigerian PhD holder at 27A young Nigerian lady who goes by the name Abisola Osoko-Fabunmi celebrated completing her PhD at the age of 27.

She took to her Linkedin page and wrote;”Last week Friday, I was awarded a PhD degree in Marketing with specialization in Brand Equity, Customer Loyalty, and Customer Relationship Management. I emerged the best Phd student in Marketing with a CGPA of 4.83.”

“I have always wanted to go further and be better. I’m sincerely thankful for the privilege.” “PhD to me is not an individual journey. I’m grateful to my family, supervisors, senior colleagues, academic mentors and friends that supported me on the journey. I did not achieve this alone.”

She also said she has a social life;”Yes, I have an active social life. I play a lot. My immediate friends can testify to this.”

“I am thankful to God for grace and strength. I sincerely appreciate every individual who was instrumental to my success, my supervisors, senior colleagues, the sector considered in my research. I am grateful for the privilege to have experienced the academic rigor as well.”

Congratulations to her.


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