Madonna’s face cause quite a stir at the Grammys


Madonna looked really weird at the Grammys and her fans are wondering what in the world happened to her face.

The 64-year-old pop queen took to the stage in a black long skirt suit to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their “Unholy” appearance.

And Twitterverse was really confused with her new face, one user wrote;

“This legit looks like a Madonna impersonator with pics of rhe [sic] real Madonna in the background. She really f–ked up her face,” another person wrote, referring to photos projected on the stage of Madonna’s most iconic looks over the years.

Madonna's face cause quite a stir at the Grammys

“Madonna looks good for her age … if her age is 2,700 year old vampire who eats babies and small animals alive,” someone else chimed in.

“Has Madonna been nominated for ‘Best New Face’ at this year’s Grammy Awards?” a user quipped.

“What magic formula was used to create #Madonna’s new face👀🤷🏽‍♀️? I’m so confused #GRAMMYs,” someone else added along with a gif of different math equations.

“Whaaaaaat happened to Madonna’s face?! #GRAMMYs,”

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