Madonna looks unrecognizable in new photos 


Queen of Pop, Madonna looked unrecognizable in new photos she shared on Instagram. The 63-year-old had full make up on in straight blonde hair.

She wrote: “Breathwork…………….#gang-gang and yea Sasha is always reliable!”

Fans say she had work done (that would be new work done since it’s no news that she uses botox/fillers) and another called her a Kardashian. 


One posted: “She doesn’t even look like the same person.. way too much work done on her face.”

Another commented: “It’s a filter.”

A third replies: “Omg now even Madonna looks like a Kardashian.”

A fourth chimed in: “Clearly some kind of “work” been done but not breath work lol.”

Another posted: “What happened to Madonna??

Which sparked another to reply: “She’s unrecognizable.”

Madonna has always had a beautiful face but I agree with her fans that some work has gone into that face. 

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