Lily James as Pamela Anderson

 Lily James and Sebastian StanPamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


Wow,i love what they did with these guys.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan transformed into 90’s favorite raunchy couple,Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for their upcoming Hulu miniseries “Pam and Tommy”.

The makeup artist really did a good job with Lily especially in this leather plunging outfit. Wow, Pamela was really a bombshell; I get it now ( back then, I used to see her as trashy but looking at her now in this photo, wow!)

Lily JamesPamela Anderson

Can you tell who is who?

Pam And Tommy is based on the model’s tumultuous three-year marriage to rock star Tommy Lee – which saw them tie the knot in 1995 and take part in their notorious sex tape.

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