Lily Collins stuns for Vogue France

Lily Collins

Emily in Paris star, Lily Collins stunned on the cover of Vogue France, where she talked about her famous dad, Phil Collins, and her Netflix hit show, Emily in Paris. She said;

‘It was out of the question that people would think that I use a free pass thanks to my name.

‘I’m proud of my dad, but I wanted to be me, not just his daughter. For that, I was ready to wait to break through.

She explained: ‘By dint of failed castings, I learned to focus more on my work, and I managed to make acting my job. 

‘But I’m not resting on my laurels: this environment is very competitive and places are expensive!’

She said: ‘I love to sing. But as I wanted to make my own way, far from the paternal genius, I preferred to be an actress. 

‘I played in a few musicals because it’s the only setting in which I allow myself to sing. Frankly, I would be too afraid of comparisons!’

She said: ‘As a child, my parents told me stories at bedtime and I had only one desire: to make the magic last. 

‘Very quickly, I had the desire to embark people with me on this adventure that is performance. 

While posing on the cover of the fashion magazine, Lily put on a leggy display while wearing a white miniskirt.

Her hair was allowed down to fall over her shoulders, and she covered it with a brown leather jacket.

She then spread her legs once more as she changed into a miniskirt in a bright pink plaid and a jacket with a black and white check design.

The actress used little makeup to accentuate her already gorgeous features.

‘Because I have always felt crossed by what constitutes the world, I have always been attracted by psychology and sociology. 

On her own merits: Lily Collins has refuted any insinuation that she got a leg up in the industry thanks to her famous father

Speaking on her job,she said;

‘As an actor, you study other human beings, you create a character, you build it. It’s exciting.’

She said: ‘Even if while reading the script, I felt that something could happen… Moreover, we were several young women hoping to get this role. I’m incredibly lucky… 

‘After a few months, the forced lockdown following the Covid pandemic confirmed the therapeutic aspect of the series. 

Stand on her own: She denied relying on her name, as she said she wanted to be her own person, rather than just her dad's daughter

‘Being confined to your home, but seeing the scenery, laughing, crying a little: this is what Emily in Paris has allowed, arriving at a time when the public, but also us, the teams, needed it the most.

‘In the second season, Sylvie starts a new professional adventure, Camille also experiences big changes… All the women of Emily in Paris have their say. 

‘From the first episode, I liked Emily’s attitude, how she dedicates herself to her job, without apologizing for anything.

‘Why are we labeled workaholics when we love our job and why are we supposed to be disconnected from reality when we are romantic? We can be everything at the same time!’

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