Lana Wood revealed her sister Natalie was assaulted by Kirk Douglas

Natalie Wood

Lana Wood,the sister to late Hollywood actress,Natalie Wood revealed in her memoir “Little Sister” that Kirk Douglas who is also dead assaulted Natalie in the summer of 1955.

Lana said that their mother,Maria Zakharenko arranged at meeting at the Chateau Marmont hotel in hopes that the late actor would open doos for the young actress.

She said;
“It seemed like a long time passed before Natalie got back into the car and woke me up when she slammed the door shut,” Lana Wood writes.

“She looked awful. She was very dishevelled and very upset, and she and Mom started urgently whispering to each other. I couldn’t really hear them or make out what they were saying. Something bad had apparently happened to my sister, but whatever it was, I was apparently too young to be told about it.”

Lana and Natalie Wood
Lana and Natalie Wood

Lana was 8 years-old when it happened and she said her sister didn’t tell her about until years later.

Natalie Wood died in November 1981 after drowning while on a weekend boat trip to Santa Catalina Island in California while Kirk -father to Michael DOuglas died in February 2020.

The book is due for release on 9 November.

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