Kim Kardashian Debuts Platinum Blonde

Kim Kardashian Debuts Platinum Blonde

Kim Kardashian West is known for her style (ridiculous and chic) and beauty. She have been rocking the brunette long hair since her time in Paris last year and for New York Fashion Week,the mother of two debuts this extreme platinum blonde look. She wrote on her website;

“I’ve been talking about going blonde again for a long time, and I’m so happy I did! I know a lot of people initially thought I was wearing a wig, but it’s my real hair,” Kardashian wrote. “My amazing stylist, Chris Appleton, dyed my hair and got it to the most perfect platinum, silvery-white color.”“We had wanted to do this for a while. Chris felt it would be a great transition from the super long, sleek hair we started doing last year in Paris,” “We wanted a whole new vibe and the silver tone is such an iconic look — the modern version of platinum blonde.”“I was so scared that my hair would get ruined. It took about 12 hours for the first round of dyeing my hair — we definitely took our time with it so it wouldn’t get damaged,” she revealed. “Then, we did another five-hour session. In the end, so worth it.”“The last time I went platinum, a few years back, I dyed it in one sitting and never gave it the proper time,” Kardashian confessed. “I had to spend a week with yellow hair, just [using Olaplex] and conditioning it every day, until we toned it and got to lift this amazing white-silver color.”“I’m so happy with it and want to keep it a while!” she added.

I have never really admire Kim in blonde and this one is no exception,she looks scary. What do you think? 

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