Katy Perry reveals Orlando Bloom’s worst habit


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Popstar, Katy Perry shared her fiancé,Orlando Bloom’s worst habit in a discussion with Katy Perry with Heart Radio host Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden. 

The American Idol judge said: “Oh my God, he loves to floss, which thank god because some partners don’t and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth.” 

Perry continued: “But he leaves the floss, everywhere! On the side of my bed, and in the car, and on the kitchen table, I’m like, “There is bins everywhere”.’ 

Lol, well at least he Floss. Trust us Katy, we have seen worse.

Katy started her Las Vegas residency in December and released a new single from “When i’m gone”. She have been with Bloom since 2016 and they have a daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

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