Kanye is back! you would think the first person he wants to see is his baby-mama!

Kanye west is back from Paris but doesn’t seem too pleased to meet his “baby-mama” since that’s what it seems like since he got her pregnant.

kim trying to look sexy for a boyfriend wearing a tight black dress and a white shoe/sandals designed by her boyfriend Kanye.Make way: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were reunited in New York on Monday, but Kanye was more excited about seeing his friend Jay-ZOut of the way: Kanye appeared to shoo Kim to one side so that he could catch up with his fellow rapperkanye seems to be more pleased to see his pal Jay than his pregnant girlfriend. This relationship seems to be going down the drain,hope he doesn’t dump her before the baby comes.

Budding bromance: Kanye looked far more excited at seeing Jay-Z than he had been upon his reunion with Kim

Bear hug: Jay-Z and Kanye were delighted as they shared a hug and both grinned from ear to ear
Check out the bromance with this two. *sigh* if only he could share the same love with Kim

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