Justin Bieber reveals plans to start a family

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Popstar Justin Bieber revealed in new Amazon Prime documentary Justin Bieber: Our World, that he plans to start a family by the end of 2021.

After wife, Hailey asks him about his aims for 2021, he says: “To continue to set goals and have fun doing them, make sure I put family first.

“And hopefully we will squish out a nugget.” As Hailey smiles, he adds: “At the end of 2021 how about we start trying?”

He also talked about his struggles with fame; “Being an entertainer can be very self-serving if you let it, because everyone is screaming for you and you’ve got to constantly go back to the ‘why?’ ‘Why am I singing for all these people? Is it because I want to feel good about myself? Or to make others feel good about themselves?’.”

He adds: “In my home growing up, a lot of things were unpredictable and that made things unreliable. Now I have a partner to spend the rest of my life with. It’s been really good for my mental health, heart and spirit.

“We could be travelling all across the world and if I’m with her I feel like I am home.”

Hinting he is not yet ready to give up life in the spotlight, Justin says: “My home life is so taken care of, I just feel like I can do anything when it comes to my job.”

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