Johnny Depp reveals Hollywood is boycotting him 

Johnny Depp

Hollywood actor,Johnny Depp who has been in a domestic violence controversy for years now revealed that Hollywood is boycotting him. 

Johnny’s latest film “Minamata” is yet to be released in the US and the actor believes it is due to the controversy. 

Depp plays a photojournalist W. Eugene Smith who documents the effects of industrial pollution on Minamata residents in the ’70s. 

Johnny Depp

Speaking to The Sunday Times,He said;“looked [those] people in the eyeballs” 

“Some films touch people… and this affects those in Minamata and people who experience similar things,” 

“And for anything… for Hollywood’s boycott of, erm, me? One man, one actor in an unpleasant and messy situation, over the last number of years?” 

I feel bad for Johnny. I don’t get why it’s taking so long to prove his innocence.

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