Is Madonna the most embarrassing mother in the world? -Piers Morgan

Is Madonna the most embarrassing mother in the world? -Piers MorganIs Madonna the most embarrassing mother in the world? -Piers Morgan
Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been at war over custody for son Rocco.And Journalist and TV personality,Piers Morgan wrote an article for Dailymail on the matter;

Is Madonna the most embarrassing mother in the world?
I’ve chosen my words carefully.
I don’t say that she’s a BAD mother.
That’s a very serious charge to level at any woman, and I’ve never seen any hard evidence that Madonna deserves to be convicted for it – even though her son Rocco, 15, would prefer to live in London with his dad than in New York with his mom and his dad seems disinclined to force him back.
But as she and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie scrap it out in a New York courtroom over their son’s residency, I think the lesser charge of ‘most embarrassing’ is beginning to stack up to incontrovertible proportions.
Consider the facts:
* She’s spends much of her time gyrating semi-naked on stage in fishnet stockings and bondage gear.
* She bared her breasts during a concert in Turkey.
* She flashed her bare bottom at an audience in Italy.
* She also moonied at photographers at last year’s Grammy awards.
* She pretended to shoot people in Colorado, scene of one of the worst mass shootings in American history at an Aurora movie theatre.
* She brandished Nazi swastikas in Paris.
* She conducts fake self-crucifixions.
* She trades lesbian kisses with the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
* She dates absurdly young 21-year-old toy-boys with names like Jesus.
* She wears those hideous teeth grills, making her look like Jaws from the Bond movies.
* She posts close-up photos of her sweat-ridden cleavage.
All this would be fairly toe-curling for any son to witness if his mother were still a spring chicken.
But Madonna’s at an age when such behaviour strays from the realm of ‘mum being a bit naughty’ to ‘mum being an excruciating bloody nightmare.’
Now let’s add to the charge sheet her activities on social media.
When he was just 13, Madonna posted an Instagram photo of Rocco clutching a gin bottle with the words: ‘The party has begun! Bring it!’
I’m not sure what was worse, suggesting to the world this young under-age boy was drinking illegally (he wasn’t, she later insisted) or her speaking like a dumb LA teenage cheerleader.
In another post, she posted a photo of Rocco boxing with a caption containing the N-word. ‘No one messes with Dirty Soap!’ she wrote, ‘Mama said knock you out! #disn***a’.
Such was the instant furore that she later deleted it.
Last May, she posted a video of her son in bright orange boxers doing a back flip, captioning it: ‘Rocco’s preferred profile #nosausage.’
Yes, that’s exactly what every 15-year-old boy wants his mother to do – make jokes about his penis to millions of complete strangers.
Recently, as the war with Ritchie over custody for Rocco worsened, she posted a snapshot of herself with her son as a baby, along with the words, ‘Tu me manqué…’ which translates (albeit clumsily because her French spelling and grammar is almost as bad as her English spelling and grammar) to, ‘I miss you.’
Well why don’t you email him to say that then, instead of exposing him to yet more public mockery?
Another post soon afterwards had a picture of Rocco looking like a flower power hippy. ‘I miss this boy so full of life,’ Madonna wailed, ‘so full of love.’
Only my guess is he’s neither at the moment. He’s probably just full of typically self-conscious 15-year-old shame (I have three sons of 22, 18 and 15, so know exactly how this manifests itself) that his mother would do this to him. Hence Rocco’s current preference to be with his Dad in London.
Ah yes, his Dad.
Not content with making her son look ridiculous, Madonna decided to viciously abuse his father in public too.
At a concert in Nashville last month, she declined a marriage proposal from a member of the audience by saying: ‘I’m looking for a husband, not a c**t. I already married a c**t.’
This followed an incident last May when she called Ritchie ‘emotionally retarded’ in another on-stage outburst.
Imagine being Rocco, having to hear and see his mother insult his father in such a disgraceful fashion?
I’ve been through a divorce and they are never a pleasant experience. But the correct way for separating parents to behave is surely to put their kids first and never attack each other in front of them.
To do so when you have the full glare of global media on hand to report it is even more reprehensible.
Madonna famously prides herself on being a tough mother.
Her kids aren’t allowed to watch TV when they’re with her; and they have to endure her macrobiotic diet obsession which basically deprives a human being of anything remotely pleasurable to eat….so no salt, sweets, dairy, chocolate or preservatives.
But that’s her prerogative, and I don’t doubt – from what I’ve been told by people who have personally witnessed it – that behind closed doors Madonna is a perfectly good mother to her children.
But it’s what she does outside those closed doors which is causing all the trouble.
And frankly, who can blame poor Rocco for finding his mother’s absurd attention-seeking antics a complete pain in the backside?
If Madonna wants her son to enjoy being with her again then I suggest she puts him and HIS interests before her ego and ruthless desperation to avert the onslaught of old age.
You’re 57, luv, start acting like it. 

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