Ice Cube turn down $9million for fear of vaccine

Ice Cube

Rapper and actor,Ice Cube rejected a $9million movie role for fear of being vaccinated.

The movie “Oh Hell No” stars Jack Black and  Matt Tolmach, who are also producers on the project.

According to THR,

“Producers on ‘Oh Hell No’ made the request that cast on the project would need to be vaccinated,”

They also reported that it is the second movie he has rejected in the past few months . The first a boxing movie “Flint Strong”.

Hmm,you know I just wonder why most black celebrities /public figures (except Michelle Obama) have not said anything about receiving the vaccine.

They have been really silent about it. I also wonder if Beyonce and Jay Z have gotten it and why they are not talking about it.

Rihanna obviously got the shot if not she won’t be at the Met gala but why is she also not talking about it? It’s strange really.

The only black celeb that talked about it is Nicki Minaj and she is still doing “research”.

These people have a lot of followers and the only way they can get the world (or a great amount) vaccinated is by talking about it.

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