how i feel sometimes

i feel like writing
dont know what i’m doing
my childhood all over again
except this time i’m all grown up
have a lot i still want to do
but it seems like i cant do anything
a lot goes through my mind
will my dream come true?
will i be happy?
will i be successful?
wake up everyday, do the same things
wear the same clothes,
watch the same stations,
while time pass by and
days go by.
hoping,praying, doing the same old routine.
asking myself;
when will i shine?
when will i live?
when will i succeed?
people don’t know
they just see what they want to see
people don’t care
some are try as hard as i do
while some don’t
they are just lucky
yet they judge you.
i dont know what you are going through
neither do you.
therefore learn to respect one another.
no matter how you look,
what you have, where you come from,
or who you are.

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