Hilarie Burton reveals she rejected a job with Hallmark over bigotry

Hilarie Burton

One tree Hill alum,Hilarie Burton took to her twitter to reveal her experience with Hallmark and how she lost a job with good pay and location over their bigotry.

She wrote;

“But after the execs gave their notes on the script and NONE of my requests were honored, I was told ‘take it or leave it.’ I left it. And the paycheck. Sh**ty being penalized for standing up for inclusivity. I really wanted that job. It was close to my house. It paid really well. It was about the military, which you all know I hold dear.”
“walk away again in a heartbeat.”

“The bigotry comes from the top and permeates the whole deal over there,”

“I’ve been loudly cheering for @lifetimetv all year because they heard my concerns + RALLIED! You want inclusive Christmas magic?! We got it. Love is love.”

She also thanked her husband,Jeffery Dean Morgan who is always working and bringing in the bills soshe can stick to her moral code. She wrote;

“Key point here: I have a wonderful husband @JDMorgan who works his a** off so I have the luxury to choose morals over paying bills. Not everyone has that! Nor should we be forced to be dependent. If I had to cover our mortgage and was told ‘take it or leave it,’ I’d be f**ked.”

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