Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year

Um, Gosh I am so tired to type, yes I know it’s not what you are expecting to hear ,especially for a new year but I just want to lay in bed all day ,watch funny videos and eat cake. Anyways, it’s a new year and I am so thankful for life, especially in this country – to be able to survive in Nigeria is a major win.

So yes, no resolutions, just appreciating the new opportunity and hoping to achieve my goals – Um of course I have goals, New Year resolution or not. But I’m not going to put it all out here and put a lot of pressure on myself –No I am not doing that.

Therefore I just want to wish you all a joyous, attentive and successful New Year. May all our great dreams come through and may we live a free, healthy and happy life for the rest of our years. May we work smarter and not so hard, may we surround ourselves with people that matter and appreciate us. And most of all live a life that would be pleasing and acceptable to God.

How about you? Any resolutions this year? If not please do not pressure yourself, whether you list them out or not, if you don’t do the work, you will be deceiving yourself.

2022 feels like a special year already and I am pretty excited.

Happy New Year!!!

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