Don Jazzy reveals why he can’t settle down now

Don jazzy

Don Jazzy said he can’t commit to one woman, hence the reason for being single He said until he starts feeling the butterflies couples feel when in love, he will not settle down.

In a recent interview with media personality, Nedu’s popular podcast,Frankly speaking;

“I wouldn’t be able to process the fact that if I like this person every other person should go to hell. As of now in my life, when that butterfly hit me as it hit you people when you fall in love, maybe I will then say every other person is fucked.”

I’m sure most of you might be like, really butterflies? That stuff is only for a moment. I guess what Jazzy is trying to say is, the person that will win his heart and make him not consider other ladies. Winning his heart can mean a whole lot of things to him and him alone.

Everyone knows what they are looking for in a partner, so until he finds that he is not settling down. He also mentioned that he needs a calm and understanding woman.

Besides who can blame him for not wanting to be faithful to one woman? He is rich and successful this makes it really hard to trust people.

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