Dolly Parton collaborates with Louisville illustrator on new children’s book

Dolly PartonDolly Parton, the country legend is collaborating on a new children’s book with Louisville illustrator, MacKenzie Haley.

Haley is working extra hours to finish “Billy the Kid Makes It Big,” which is due for release in the spring of 2023.

On December 9 at the same time as the T2 Agency posted on their account, Haley revealed the project on Instagram. Children’s books are the focus of the boutique literary and artistic agency T2 Agency.

The French bulldog Billy the Kid is followed as he travels to Nashville in the book based on “Dolly Parton’s god-dog @btkthefrenchie. However, when he encounters some bullies, he will use his favorite songs, a bunch of resourceful new friends, and his favorite country music artist to restore self-confidence and become the star he always knew he could be.

MacKensie shared on her instagram;

I know it will be a good read, Dolly is a great storyteller. The book will go on sale on April 25, 2023.




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