Dixie Chicks change their name to ‘The Chicks”

Dixie Chicks

Country Trio,Dixie Chicks have reportedly changed their name to ‘The Chicks’ due to criticism over its use of the word “Dixie,” a nostalgic nickname for the Civil War-era South.

The group adjusted their social media presence and released a video with a brief statement saying ;“We want to meet this moment.”

The women in the group; Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire have been very outspoken on women’s rights, gay rights, environmental causes…so it’s no surprise that they are in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

This comes as the group will be releasing their first album “Gaslighter” in 14 years on July 17 (my birthday!). Before the likes of Lady Antebellum (Now, Lady A), this country trio were my favorite.  Can’t wait for the new album!

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