Chef, Salt Bae slammed for not buying his mum a house 

Salt Bae and Mum

Millionaire chef, Salt Bae real name Nusret Gökçe faced some backlash from trolls after he shared a video on Instagram with his mum,revealing it is the first time in two years he’s visiting his mum, due to Covid. 

Well, trolls came for him, criticizing him for not buying a house for her and some said he should take his glasses off and button his shirt. See below; 

Salt Bae and MumSalt Bae and Mum

“After two years? Why? – One wrote . 

One furious comment read: “You have so much money. How come your mother is not living in a mansion?”

“And why don’t you buy a better house for your parents. You are wealthy now!” 

One  Instagram user said: “Take off your f****** glasses in front of mum.”  


Someone else added: “Take your glasses off. Button up that shirt. You’ve got so much money. 

“Visit your mum every month. Shame.”

Wow, that’s a lot… He is hot though. 


Salt Bae is reportedly worth £44 miilion and his known for his £850 tomahawk steak coated in 24-carat-gold.

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