Check Out Munachi Abii’s Childhood Photo

Check Out Munachi Abii's Childhood PhotoCheck Out Munachi Abii's Childhood Photo
The stunning ex beauty queen shared a childhood photo,penning a note to self.

Hey baby girl �� I know u had big dreams, I know u wanted to fly so high,and love so deep, and laugh so hard. You gave your attention to soo many things at some point that you forgot what you truly wanted. You hid your voice soo deep within for fear that that could also be taken from you.but little did you know that you became afraid of your own voice. ☺️you are so cute.

You choose to experience what you thought you liked because you were looking for love and you thought that was love.but it wasn’t.

The world has a judgement for that, but that’s not you, only your experience. I don’t feel sorry for you, I applaud you,for now you know what you do not want. �� and it’s funny how that wind has blown you closer to where you’ve always wanted to be. For I wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t go through that, and I wouldn’t have met him or met her. I believe you choose to go through it all to find your voice, to find these words, to help another & help yourself. ☺️ you fish you ��. Continue…

One can’t speak of freedom with conviction if you haven’t felt imprisoned by yourself first or by another. This is your experience & I hold the certificate for you. I am proud of you no matter what.

However , I take no pride in self now because I realize that I am nothing but clay, but my soul is as deep, as wide , as clear and as blue as the ocean( with a dash of seasoning ��).

You wanna see the world Munachi, but you are the universe. Why focus on a piece of crumb when you are the whole cake ��? Let’s look at that shall we��? Here’s a fun fact about the universe. Nothing is impossible for it �� and everything it chooses to become, it becomes. I have chosen to show you the universe because you deserve it and I love you �� I love you more than enough for the both of us. So don’t look without for approval and validation or attention or affection, I am looking within, to you, because I love you, and I care about you. So here’s to you Munachi . Let’s go on this journey together & may our Nakama enjoy this adventure as much as I. Peace and Love my lovely one. & like Luffy would say… YOSH!!! Ikimashō ��

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