Britney Spears and Beyonce fans bicker over who is the real Queen B

Britney Spears and Beyonce fans

After Britney Spears shared this painting of a bee and a crown on her Instagram, fans of Beyonce were not pleased as they insist Beyonce is the only Queen B.

Britney captioned the post; “To all my fans who call me Queen 👑 B …. I believe this would be more accurate.”

Well the artist,Jenny Paddey who painted the image said it was done in 2018,that she appreciates the buzz it’s getting but it wasn’t for either of the popstars.

That she wasn’t sure how Britney got the painting, though she sells on her website but she found out about the post after her friends tagged her in the comment section.

So Beyhives and Britarmy can relax now. Cool painting idea though.

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