Brendan Fraser reveals He Lost Superman Role over ‘Shenanigans and Studio Politics’

Brenda FraserActor, Brendan Fraser made an appearance on the Howard Stern show where he revealed that he lost the Superman role due to ‘some shenanigans and studio politics’. He said;

“Everyone in town was reading for Superman, like, again we’re casting, I think maybe six or seven guys in 2002/2003”. “I remember Paul Walker was before me – they were like, you know, the usual suspects.”

Though, there was “politics”, The mummy actor also said he didn’t want to be known as the “Man of Steel” alone, he continued;

“So, you know, of course, it’s a life-changing, amazing opportunity, but I had to reconcile with, ‘okay, say you do get the job to be the Man of Steel, it’s gonna be chipped on your gravestone,’ ” “’ Are you OK with that? I mean you will forevermore be known as the Man of Steel.’ ”

…I think inherently I didn’t want to be known for only one thing, because I’ve prided myself on diversity my whole professional life … I mean, I’m not a one trick pony.”

“I felt disappointed that there was an amazing opportunity and it didn’t come to fruition, and it had to do a lot with some shenanigans and studio politics.”

Well, the George of the Jungle actor came out strong decades later with an Academy Award nomination for best actor in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale.

PS: JJ Abrams’ Superman: Flyby never made it to the big screen. He would have made a great superman though.

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