Bethany Joy Lenz she had romantic dreams about James lafferty

Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty

One Tree Hill alum,Bethany Joy Lenz revealed during an episode of “Drama Queens” podcast she shares with Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton-Morgan that she had romantic dreams about co-star,James Lafferty.

Bethany and Lafferty played Highschool sweethearts,Haley and Nathan Scott on the show for nine seasons. She said;

“As the show went on, the more time we spent together, I mean, I would totally have a romantic dream about him and wake up and be like, ‘oh wow, that was interesting,'”

“We’re kissing all day [on set]. We’re like making out and we’re like being all lovey-dovey,” she said. “Of course it’s going to work its way into your subconscious.” “and that’s honestly probably what kept the chemistry alive on-screen for so long, too.”

It’s totally normal Joy,we have weird dreams of people we don’t even like,talk more of someone you spent almost a decade smooching and all. You guys chemistry was insane BTW.

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