Benefits of being single in your 30s

Benefits of being single in your 30s
Being single, what has that been like for me? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s no peaches and cream, I mean it’s cool sometimes, other times it just really sucks. So, y’all know your girl is single and on a day (weekends) like this, I just want to be with someone I love but I can’t, you know cause I’m single – That is the part that sucks.
Other times, when I’m seeing my cycle, I just want to be alone, wear sweatpants, eat sugary stuff and watch stuff on Netflix. Yeah, that’s the part where I actually love being single. So what are the benefits of being single?
You get to enjoy your company –wear whatever you like, eat whatever you like, go wherever you like, flirt with whoever you like… do whatever you like.

So how do you enjoy being single in your 30’s

Okay, I’m in my 30’s so I’ll tell you how I’m enjoying my singlehood- by being the best version of myself! I’m focused at work (although it seems to be getting in the way of my social life), I have enough time for myself; I plan my meals, try to exercise ( I say try to exercise because my work doesn’t give me that much time to do that since I have to wake up very early in the morning, six days a week), take good care of my skin, sleep better (okay if I’m being honest not all the time- I kind of suffer from insomnia so sleeping can be difficult sometimes but when I do, I sleep well).

Lose that job that is taking all your time

There is nothing worse than being unemployed and single. Don’t quit your annoying job if you don’t have any other offer.
The thing is I love my job, even though it doesn’t pay me my worth and I face some horrible people (my colleague)and it barely gives me time for myself.- obviously why I’m single, I try to enjoy myself. I still use my spare time to ensure I am taking good care of myself.
So if you have a time-consuming job, I’d advise you to get a job that would give you time to enjoy being single in your 30’s.

Take care of your skin and body

If you clear that out of the way then you can create time for exercising, even if it’s for thirty minutes, five days a week. You will feel good every day, it would boost your immune system and help with depression.
Go for a spa and massage section-yeah spend that money you are working so hard for. Get a good routine and start doing it on your own. You’ll love looking at yourself in the mirror and be really happy with what you see.
If you finally take your annual leave, travel out of the country or out of town if you don’t have enough money. Sometimes changing environment resets that mind and makes you feel refreshed and anew.

You can start a new hobby

For me, it’s watching TV series/movies, listening to music and writing. I have other hobbies like photography and travelling but finances would not permit me to go into them at the moment (hopefully in the future) Besides I don’t have enough time to do all these things in my spare time; I’m too busy to be worried about being single- hope you get the point.
Yours could be learning to play tennis, learning to swim…you know, anything for fun.
When you are single, you have time to try and learn new things. I’m not saying when you meet the one, you won’t be exposed to new things, you would but would you have the time to do them? Hmm, I doubt it. Do you know why? Cause you would be all about this new bae that to want to give them your undivided attention. So hey, being single is not so bad after all.

You can walk around the house naked

Yep, I had the luxury of doing this when I lived on my own and it was fun. Being single and living alone; you can wear whatever you want around the house or even go naked if you want.
Some couples do this naked living stuff; I did that in one of my relationships –good times *sigh*. It depends on your partner but when you are alone, you don’t have to check with anybody before you fling that bra and let the ladies hang loose.
Benefits of being single in your 30s

Visit and reconnect old friends

Don’t know about you but when I’m in a relationship, I put my focus on that person and barely made time for myself, let alone my friends. It’s not the best but I feel like it won’t be that way in my next relationship. The fact that I acknowledge it, means I’m maturing.
Anyways, this is the best time to reconnect with friends, visit them, attend birthdays, weddings and parties.
Sometimes, being in a relationship, we adapt our partners’ lifestyle and this can affect relationships with our friends e.g if your partner is an introvert or just doesn’t like going out or being around people, going with him/her to a friend’s event might be a bummer.
Relationship comes with a lot of pressure sometimes, especially in the beginning, no one wants that. So be single and liberated!

You are free of emotional heartache

Look, you don’t always need to be in a toxic relationship to have heartache. Sometimes it’s having to deal with the persons past or mistakes or coming to terms that the person is not perfect and you would face some disappointments.
So that is one of the benefits of being single and not having to worry about some emotional issues that come with relationships.

Benefits of being single in your 30s

Does this mean that being single better is than being in a relationship?

Well, it depends. At some point in our lives we will be single, hell we came to this world alone. So neither is better but if you happen to be on one side of it then you should enjoy every part of it.
They both have their benefits, the only time being single is better than being in a relationship is; if you are dating a narcissist, in a toxic and abusive relationship.
So if you want to be married, that’s fine. If you choose to be single, that is also fine but make sure you are in this situation for yourself and for better not because society thinks you should be married or because you have been hurt in the past, you don’t think there are good people anymore.
Being single in your thirties is a way to get to know who you are, what you like and don’t like. Some ladies like to take care of themselves or look great when they are with someone- It shouldn’t be like that. You should always look and feel good whether you are single or in a relationship.
Even though we talk about how great being single is, deep down we want someone by our side to cuddle and fill our lonely nights – it’s normal but it doesn’t mean we don’t like being single.
Though we didn’t choose to be single, we can still enjoy the process, you know till our significant other comes along.
Besides how can you meet your potential mate when you are not happy with yourself?
Are you single? And in your 30’s? What are the benefits for you?
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