Be Kind to Everyone Always

Be kind to Everyone Always
People just assume that they know you because you give them some of your time. The thing is, I am a human being and I’m not hundred per cent. I have my good days, I have my bad days…Does that mean that people should say whatever they like about me? Hell, no!

You see, I have trust issues and it’s something that has lived with me from my childhood and like I always say; I take my time to let people into my life because I know how I was hurt in the past.

Does this mean that I’m selfish? You could say that. But if your definition of selfish is me trying to protect my mental health then I can live with that.

Do you know what is sad? Even people that you feel have known you for five years, can still disappoint you. So, imagine knowing someone for five minutes and that person is already telling you who they think you are.

Okay, so you know I tried the Tinder thing last year during lockdown cause I felt, well I’m not meeting guys physically why don’t I try online. Well, That was a burst! I decided to forget about trying to find love and just focus on making my life better than what it is.

But then being the imperfect person that I am and having my not so great days, after a few months I decided to go on Facebook and decided to start accepting friend requests.

Knowing who I am and how I can be inconsistent, I knew this would be a one-time thing but I’m not sure these people felt the same. I met all sorts of people; some that can’t speak English but wanted to do video call just to look at my face, then one telling me how they would like me to get tested when they come visiting as if I asked to have sex with them and the ones that tell me they love me even though they just met me and the ones that attended my University but we never crossed path.

Anyways, I continued the communication with a few of them but couldn’t keep up, so I was left with one. And it turned out this guy is so boring, I usually yawn at his conversations. Like, have you met someone that is so dry you are wondering how they have been living their lives?

So sometimes I just don’t feel like talking to him, unless I’m bored and when I do, I just tell myself “you better be bored in peace”, lol. So I just look for something to tell him so I can end the call.

Be Kind to everyone

The first time we talked, the dude nagged and nagged about the past, I knew it wasn’t going to work but then I felt I could use a friend.
You know these type of people that just likes to fantasize about stuff and not take action. He lives far from me and talks about how he would like us to see but have not made any effort to do so…

What I have learnt in my past relationships is not to force anything or do too much-especially in the beginning; if not that is all you’ll be doing in the relationship. So I take my time and observe whoever is coming after me and if I noticed you are not really doing anything about it, I’ll work with your pace….You know, until I don’t have time to continue.

This guy had weeks to show me that he is really interested in me but he chose to just talk about it. Once in a while, he will send a message on WhatsApp and once in a while, I’ll choose to reply. His messages are mostly; “Hello, Hi” and memes.

So because I didn’t reply to his message; “sweetie” at midnight, a dancing dog meme after a few hours, then a “hello”, this dude sends me another message “I smell you are wicked”. Keep in mind all these were within 24 hours.

I don’t know how one can smell wickedness, well unless you are a wizard…but I really don’t get why he sent that. A part of me thought, maybe he is sending this to get my attention so I can reply and another part of me was like why this insensitive comment? And that’s what got me to this post.

I just started talking to this guy in August, we have never met and I have not even shared any important aspect of my life but he feels like he knows me? This is just wrong on so many levels. The old me would have entertained this by asking “How now?” but the new me would never.

People need to learn to talk to people and mind what they say, I used to be someone that speaks her mind but when I realized how it might affect the other person, especially someone I don’t know that well, I keep my opinion to myself.

Even though I try to practice not giving a f$ck, it’s not who I am. Things get to me, I’m human. Sometimes when people say some things to you, they don’t know what you are going through at that moment in your life and how that can affect how you take their comment.

Just as the saying; be kind to everyone for you never know what they are going through. This is why you hear of someone being and acting so happy one minute and the next minute you hear the person committed suicide.

Because that person looked happy, doesn’t mean the person is actually happy; they are probably trying to tell themselves that they are or could be. Coming to dump your negativity on them is just not kind.

Be kind to Everyone Always

We are all dealing with issues, if you can’t seek help or just like the other person, try to make yourself happy, don’t make another person feel worse. That is just bullying and would not make you feel any better.

If you can’t be a joy to someone just let them be. Being kind to people means being kind to yourself. No one is perfect, everyone has their flaws so why judge or make someone else feel less because they are not dancing to your tune or giving you what you want when you want it.

Even when people hurt you, be kind. I’m not saying you should let them keep walking over you. You can just decide to avoid them, take care of your mental health- therefore being kind to yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others?

Being kind starts from you; accept that you are not perfect; you are unique and have a role to play in this world. You can only do that if you feel good about yourself.

No one is the cause of your predicament, it’s just life, Now how you decide to handle it is up to you but bullying someone else with your words, action or fist is not going to help you, So be kind to everyone.

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