Barbara Walters is dead

Barbara Walters

Legendary TV journalist, Barbara Walters whose talent for interviewing people made her one of the most well-known figures in the media, has passed away. She was 93.

Her spokeswoman, Cindi Berger confirmed to CNN; “Barbara Walters passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by loved ones. She lived her life with no regrets. She was a trailblazer not only for female journalists but for all women,”

Before being elevated to co-host in 1974, Walters started her career in national broadcasting in 1961 as a reporter, writer, and panelist for NBC’s “Today” show. As the first female nightly news anchor, Walters joined ABC News in 1976.
Before joining ABC News as a co-host and correspondent for “20/20” in 1984, Walters launched “The Barbara Walters Specials” and “10 Most Fascinating People” on that network. She spoke with every US president and first lady since Richard and Pat Nixon along the way.

Her programs, some of which she produced, had some of the highest ratings for their genre and inspired a lot of copycats. The American chat shows “The Talk” and “The Chew,” as well as international entries like Britain’s “Loose Women” and Norway’s “Studio5”, were all made possible thanks to the 1997 launch of “The View.”
Walters left “The View” in 2014, but she continued to work on ABC News on a part-time basis for another two years.
At the time, Walters told CNN’s Chris Cuomo;

“I knew it was time,” Walters told CNN’s Chris Cuomo at the time. “I like all the celebration, that’s great, but in my heart, I thought, ‘I want to walk away while I’m still doing good work.’ So I will.”

Walters stated as she saw the many ladies who have looked up to her throughout her career.

Walters had four marriages, including ones to producer Lee Guber, businessman Robert Katz, and Merv Adelson, the head of the entertainment industry, twice. Adelson’s second marriage came to an end in 1992.

She is survived by her daughter, Jackie, whom she and Guber adopted in 1968. Ma her soul rest in peace.


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