Autopsy Reports For Jim Carrey’s Late Girlfriend Revealed

Autopsy Reports For Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend Revealed
Jim Carrey’s ex girlfriend,Cathriona White who committed suicide last Sept. revealed she overdosed on some of Jim’s (he had not idea) prescription pills. According to PEOPLE,her note read;

“I’ve spent 3 days now in disbelief that you’re not here. I can go on brokenhearted and try to put the pieces back. I could, I just don’t have the will this time,” she wrote in a note found by police. She added, “I’m sorry you felt I wasn’t there for you. I tried to give you my best part.”  “I don’t really know about burial or that sort of thing. You are my family so whatever you choose will be fine.”
“Please forgive me. I’m just not for this world.” 

And according to toxicology report propranolol, zolpidem, oxycodone and oxymorphone were found in her system.

When police discovered White’s body at home on her bed, they found three prescription bottles on a bedside table all prescribed to Arthur King. The report notes that when police checked White’s phone, they found texts from Carrey asking if she “knew where his painkillers went from under his sink.” He also mentioned that a bottle of prescription anti-inflammatories was missing. According to the report, “it appears likely that the bottles for ‘Arthur King’ found on her beside table were the prescriptions [Carrey] was referring to.” Other prescription pills prescribed to White were also found at the scene

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