Are you loving Jada Smith’s punk look?

Make way for the stunner! Jada Pinkett Smith was sexy in incredibly tall thigh-high boots as she strode into LAX on Sunday with her cool hair pulled back into an elaborate up-doDon't let her go, Will! Jada showed off her dazzling smile as she wore head-to-toe leather
She was spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, 25 November. Not every mum can pull this off,i think she looks cool. You Like?

Coolest mum ever? The 42-year-old actress looked impeccably cool with her new hairstyle as she flashed her bra in her low slung black tank
A knockout: The star shared a brilliant smile with one of the airport security guards
Just like the rest of us: The star went through security along with everyone else, but hopefully she didn't have to remove those epic boots
Intricate: Her stunning braided hair was twisted up into an elegant knot

It suits her: Jada - pictured here back at LAX on November 14 - has been rocking the braids since Will's son Trey's 21st birthday

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