Amy Schumer talks about her husband’s Autism and Kanye West on SNL

Amy Schumer

Comedienne and actress, Amy Schumer hosted the third episode of Saturday Night Live last Saturday, where she talked about her husband’s autism and Kanye West’s Antisemitic remark.

She said;“My husband [Chris Fischer] is diagnosed … on the autism spectrum. He has autism spectrum disorder, [which] used to be called Asperger’s, but then they found out — this is true — that Dr. Asperger had, like, Nazi ties, Kanye,” She joked in a monologue, before pretending like her microphone had been turned off. “Isn’t that crazy?”

So sorry for your hubby’s Autism Amy, how are you holding up? It’s amazing how these comedians do all they can to make us laugh when they are really going through a lot.

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