A fan ask Adele her body count



People are weird, during a surprise live stream with Adele about her new music release ,a fan asked the singer what her body count is and Adele replies ‘What’s my body count? What does that mean?’
Looking at her face in the video is obvious she doing know what it means, though some of her fans don’t believe it.
One person tweeted; ‘Someone really asked Adele what her body count is, y’all are sick.’ A second echoed: ‘Why did they ask Adele what her body count is? I’m still crying about it.’

Another  queried: ‘Why somebody ask Adele about her body count and she said she don’t know what that means oh my.’ [sic]

‘Adele knows what body count means but acting oblivious,’ suggested another.

One social media user wondered: ‘No but what would you really benefit from knowing Adele’s body count?’

Ugh, i’m cringing by the question; why would you ask Adele that, SMH.

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