Cardi B discuss doing it with Offset after a recording section

Cardi B and Offset

Rapper,Cardi B revealed in a voice tweet that she and husband Offset got down right after a recording section of ‘Um yea’ which was their first collaboration. She said;

‘I don’t want to give you this weird, fake a** romantic, awkward story, but I remember this one time when I was in the studio with Offset and he was doing Um Yea, the song that me and him have together,’

‘And while he was doing the song and everything, he kept looking at me and smiling and s**t, while he was making the song and then I told him, “I want to get on the song,”‘ she explained. ‘So I just started writing my verse and everything and he was looking at me like, “Oh s**t, girl!”‘

‘Right after’ the recording session, the lovebirds celebrated finishing the track by having sex.

‘And then we f**ked. We f**ked right after,’

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