Michael Douglas blamed pot for memory loss

Michael Douglas

Hollywood veteran, Michael Douglas spoke to AARP about his career, what keeps him sharp and how he blamed smoking pot for short term memory loss;

“My long-term memory is fine, but my short-term memory is not. I used to blame it on pot. But I’ve got some friends who’ve been smoking as long as I have and have fabulous memories, so I don’t think that’s the issue,”


“Work keeps you going, keeps you sharp,” he admitted. “Of course, these days I’m looking around the set, like, I’m the oldest person here, man. Where did the time go? But I love the whole process. We’re not doing brain surgery; we’re showbiz. A boundary I do set is “No a–holes.” I don’t work with a–holes. I’ve got no time for that.”

Douglas added, “Particularly compassion — I feel a certain responsibility to conduct myself as somebody who has been blessed and fortunate simply because I was born a white male. And also to teach them to be good citizens of the planet. I’m conscious of us all being in this together.”

Its truly a blessing to keep doing what you lobe at 76. 

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