What to do on Valentine’s Day as a single person

Valentine is around the corner and to be honest I can’t really say how I feel about it.

How do I feel that Valentine is in a few days and I’m single (Well, it’s complicated)?

Last year’s Valentine just went by for me, I don’t know of it’s because of Covid 19 but I didn’t really feel it as much. The funny thing is, I was sort of seeing someone at the time but it wasn’t serious (at least for me) – he was younger, not on my level educationally but he was hot and really pestering me to date him, so…

This year, I’m thinking about it because I actually like someone and he likes me too but we have not gotten to that booed-up stage yet. I met him on Tinder (trust me I met a lot of guys) and our conversations has been mostly virtual – we only met once and we really liked what we saw.

Now Valentine is coming and since we are really good, I just feel we should spend time on that day. I know its corny and believe me i have never been the type that wants to do something “Special” on Valentine’s day, I just take it like every other day (maybe cause I have been single for a really long time)… But I really like this guy and I’m hoping he is the one.

Valentine's day meme

Social media on the other hand is not helping matters – with YouTube couples and co… They just make you feel like being single is a crime lol. But you know what? I will prevail!

I actually brought up going out on that day but he said he doesn’t like to go out on festive dayS because it would be crowded…it was kind of a downer but it’s very new so I don’t want to come off as childish and needy. To be honest, I’m the same way, I don’t like to go out on Christmas day, Easter…but don’t mind going out the next day. Guess I was just pressured with having someone and wanting to make it official on Valentine’s Day (i just read that – who am i? Beyonce? Lol

I should just take a chill pill and not scare the dude away; I know I can be a lot. Anyways, 2021 Valentine’s day fell on a Sunday and guys, it’s just a day! So instead of pinning over “where is my boyfriend”,”God When” and all… Do these things to make your day feel less lonely;

  1. Tell a friend to be your Valentine 

Yea, this is really good. It has to be someone that is also single and would have the time to spend with you. Covid -19 did some good for a lot of singles this year – most restaurants, cinemas, parks and beaches are closed.

But TikTok won’t still make it alright, since most couples are isolating together and would love to show off their love online – what else can they do? They are bored at home.

You could tell your BFF to be your Valentine –how? You ask; by being on the phone with you that day via video, if you are the type that talking relaxes you.

  1. Stay away from social media

Yep, like I said, TikTok and YouTube couples will make you weep, lol. Just avoid social media for that day-to-day it’s just a day. Besides, It’s on a Sunday; go to church, serve your community, when you get home; prepare a meal, if you live with family; have chats with them or see a movie or binge on a popular TV series…

  1. You could take yourself out 

That can look disturbing especially on that day but again, thr pandemic is not allowing social gathering, so you are in the clear. But if you must take yourself out, please go with a friend, sister, brother, cousin, colleague.

Or instead of going out, use that money to pay for internet connection and watch some funny videos on YouTube.

  1. Watch movies at home

Seems like I keep emphasizing on watching movies; well that’s because I’m a movie buff and to be honest watching movies makes me feel every kind of way. If it’s a dramatic movie, funny, romantic, adventure, horror…

So in this moment, instead of watching a romantic movie and wondering who would “burn for me” this season, I rather watch comedy or horror movies. You can try that, before you know the day is over.


  1. Do whatever makes you happy 

Okay, so though I have been suggesting movies (cause it’s what I love to do at my free time), you could do whatever you enjoy doing at your free time. It could be shoppingwell, be careful with this one; you might spend money you don’t have.

Cooking – yeah, cooking can be therapeutic for some people or if you love your pastries, you could bake a really delicious cake.

Fashion– Trying different clothes and taking photos…yeah some people actually love this, so why not just do it and make yourself happy?

I know you all are wondering but this is just a day! You would be surprised what this day does to people.

Valentine is a called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine which symbolizes the day of love and where we show love. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be with your significant other, it could be with friends, family, the needy, and the poor.

There are a lot of people that need help financially, psychologically and emotionally…Do your research and offer help where you can. And as for your significant other- everyday should be filled with love not just on Valentine’s Day.

So, Singles, what would you be doing on Valentines’ day? Well, this is what I’ll be doing most of that day except for the fashion part- That’s a lot to do in one day.

Till we chat again…Kisses!

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