Why it’s difficult to lose weight

Why it's difficult to lose weight

Losing weight is something that would go on till the end of this lifetime. Some people want to lose weight to look better while some want to be healthier … at the end of the day, the topic “lose weight” will always be trendy.

For some people, it’s easy to lose weight while some find it really difficult to lose weight. Some say there is a science behind it; your metabolism and body type but sometimes it can be really frustrating to try everything and still not get results. 

So why is it difficult to lose weight? There are so many reasons and with someone that also finds it difficult to maintain my weight, these are my reasons and I’m sure a couple of you can relate to this.

For my body type, I would say I’m an endomorph. To be able to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle it has to do with diet and exercise. Some people prefer dieting alone, some prefer exercise alone and others don’t mind doing both.

Dieting has not really been my thing since I end up stuffing myself with cravings afterwards. People that I see dieting without exercise, especially if they are overweight tend to look saggy after  they have lost all the weight.  That is why I feel combining both (diet and exercise) is important – when I say diet, I mean a healthy one not Fad diet.

Though I wouldn’t mind doing both, there are some factors that make it quite difficult;

  • There is barely time to exercise

Exercise is very important for everyone, not just to look toned and fit but to keep your heart pumping. There are so many benefits to exercising. Personally, I have this rush of excitement (they call it Endorphins) after a really good workout – like my whole day would just feel like I’m walking on sunshine and rainbows.

But sadly, i never have time to work out. I work six days and 50 hours a week – this requires waking up really early since it’s on the island and pretty far from where I stay, especially when there is traffic. 

Why it's difficult to lose weight

  • Don’t have enough money to eat healthy meals

Yeah, i don’t just have enough money to keep eating healthy meals and i don’t have the time to prepare my meals. 

Its a real struggle. Have you not noticed that fruits and vegetables are quite expensive? It’s not like i don’t eat them sometimes, what i mean is maintaining that diet for a long time. 

If you check how much you have spent, after a month on fruits, you’ll see that you have no savings left. 

Though cooking my meals have been a struggle due to time, i had to try and prepare them when i get back from work on Saturdays.

I got this plastic plates with covers and i dish my meals in each of them for the week. To be honest, i now enjoy preparing my meals and not eating out as i used to.

  • I live with my siblings

I know you all i wondering how that’s a problem, but its really hard trying to live a healthy lifestyle when you live with your siblings -especially when you share a room with your sister. 

First of all, we don’t have enough space.  And since my sis and i share a room, exercising whenever i want is not possible.  You know, sometimes you just wake up in the morning and want to spread your mat in your room, do some yoga or stretching but you can’t cause you don’t want to disturb your sister. 

Given my sister is kinda OCD, she doesn’t like me exercising in the bedroom. I have to leave the room to either the living room or the balcony. 

Another issues with living with siblings,is planning your meal. Imagine going to the grocery store and buying your meal and fruits for the week,only for them to disorganize it. 

Maybe you got some apples for the week and carrots for your night snack and the day you want to eat it, you notice its gone *sigh*.

And don’t get me started on trying to go to bed so you could get up early to workout…Oh no, that’s when my sister wants to talk all night or she is just moving around the house making it difficult for you to sleep as planned -especially for someone like me that wakes up with every sound. 

  • Our apartment is really small

It’s a flat actually, but there is not enough space around especially since we love space. Okay, so you know i said i can’t exercise in the room cause of my sis. When i decide to move it to the parlor, that’s when and where my brother works out .

He likes to work out in the morning and that’s the same time i get up to prepare for work. To be able to exercise, i’d have to wake up very early *sigh*. 

These are the reasons why it’s difficult for me to lose weight. It seems small but that has been my reason. 

The thing is, there will always be a reason not to do anything but knowing how important it is to exercise and diet (again healthy foods), i just have to try. 

Therefore, i won’t let any of these challenges stop me. I’m going to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and try to get my workout every morning even if its for 10mins – you know you can run on a spot and really lose weight? Yeah, that what i’ll be doing. 

And since I’m already preparing my meals, i’m on the right track; i just have to watch my portions.  So to be honest, its really not that difficult to lose weight. Its all about discipline,consistency and motivating yourself. 

Its a marathon not a sprint… Slow and steady, you achieve your goals and after you achieve it, you keep going to maintain it. It’s a lifestyle not a contest. 

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