Hilary Duff claims she got an eye infection from Covid 19 test


Actress,Hilary Duff claimed she got eye infection from Covid 19 tests at work but experts say it’s not possible.Yahoo Life Medical Contributor Dr. Dara Kass. said;

“It is unclear how a nasal swab could give you an eye infection,” “It’s more likely that she got it in her community and they were incidentally related.”

“The bacteria that infects your eye in conjunctivitis is not what we’re testing for in COVID,” says Kass. “And she doesn’t even have COVID. So how would that be?”

“We have more protective equipment and decreased contamination for COVID-19 testing than any other interaction in the world,” says Kass. “It is much more likely that she touched a surface and rubbed her eyes. There are a million reasons why she could have gotten conjunctivitis, it happens all the time — and although she may believe it happened from COVID testing, that would not make any sense to me.”

Another Dr,Brian Toy, an ophthalmologist and assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s Roski Eye Institute said;

“It seems very unlikely,” “The swabs that they use for COVID tests are sterile, and when they’re administered by a trained nurse or technician, they’re not causing unnecessary trauma, so it seems unlikely that nasal swabs would be causing eye infections.”

“ENT surgeons go into the nose and instrument the nose all the time for things like sinus surgery [and] there’s not an increased risk of infections in the eye because of that.” He confirms that conjunctivitis can be a symptom of COVID-19, but clarifies that this doesn’t affect testing. “Generally I think those would be unrelated,” he says. “The patient could have conjunctivitis and test positive for COVID, but it’s unlikely that a nasal swab would precipitate a conjunctivitis.”

Hilary Duff is expecting her third child and second with Matthew Koma.

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