Armie Hammer pulls out of a movie with J’lo

Armie Hammer

Actor, Armie Hammer was supposed to be in a new movie “Shotgun Wedding ” with J’lo but pulled out due to some allegations from ex Courtney Vucekovich.

After Armie shared some sexual fantasies online that went viral, his ex told Pagesix;

“He enters your life in such a big way,” Vucekovich, the founder of the app Flashd, told the outlet. “He’s such a captivating person. He has such a presence and he’s aware of that and he uses it in such a way that most women would think, ‘Oh my gosh this is amazing,’ but especially young women, that’s kind of the scary part — how good he is at active manipulation and making you feel like he’s never felt this way about anybody.”

“He kind of captivates you and while being charming he’s grooming you for these things that are darker and heavier and consuming. When I say consuming, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, just everything.”

See Armie’s statement; “I’m not responding to these (expletive) claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for four months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic,” Hammer said in a statement to USA TODAY. “Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I’m grateful to them for that.”

Armie and Courtney dated from June to August last year.  The comments come months after Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers announced in July they were ending their marriage

They have two children: 6-year-old daughter Harper Grace and 3-year-old son Ford Douglas Armand.

In my opinion, i just feel she is a woman scorned;most of what she said are things women experience with some men;she would have just called off the relationship – he was in the middle of a divorce  when you hooked up with him.

I guess everyone just have to tell their own story .


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