Beyonce gifts her friends and Family with 2020 necklace

Angie Beyince

Beyonce is known to give gifts to friends and family and ending the most challenging year, 2020, queen bey gave a necklace with a message.

According to her cousin,Angie Beyince, the message is F-U 2020 -giving the middle finger. She captioned;

“@beyonce gifted all of her girls with this amazing custom 2020 necklace,” “‘[middle finger emoji] 2020’ It’s a hand with middle finger and the year 2020 combined into one. When I opened it my eyes teared up because it is both Hilarious & Deeply Sentimental. 2020 has had ups and downs but over all its been a really weird and tuff year. Hopefully 2021 is good to the world.”

Beyonce’s mum, Tina Lawson captioned;  “note my Christmas present (my necklace) from Beyonce f__k 2020 two many losses !!! But it is almost over and we are still here !!! Give God Some,”

I like Tina’s caption, yes 2020 was rough but we are grateful to be alive and can only hope for the best. The good it is they wont be wearing that from the 1st of January 2021.

PS: Can’t wait….hopeful!


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