Cardi B reacts to her photoshopped photo


Cardi B Cardi B reacts to her photoshopped photo

Cardi B took to Instagram to react to a photo-shopped photo of herself done by some trolls. According to the WAP singer,the photo was taken in December 2019 while she was shopping in Target for children in need.

Cardi shared the original and photo-shopped photo and wrote;

‘It’s the fact that people try to Photoshop my face and body to post on their platform so people can bash me and make me feel down on my appearance on purposeā€¦.and the fact this a paparazzi picture from months ago.’

Cardi B

‘That’s why I pray everyday and God keep blessing me triple in people face cause they done tried everything to bring me down from making rumors about me to now photoshopping me tryin to make me go viral with a photoshop pic of a paparazzi pic from months ago,’

She asked: ‘Like when was the last time I had nose ring? And why the duck ya make me look like a middle eastern boy?’

‘The sad sh*t is that the people that be doing these rumors and be trying to make people bash me about my looks are WOMEN,’ – she added.

Well,Cardi, you don’t have to react to everything

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