Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams celebrate postponed wedding

Sarah Hyland and Adams Wells

Modern Family actress,Sarah Hyland took to her insta stories to share that she and fiance,Adams Wells were supposed to get married on Saturday , August 8. 2020. But delayed it cause of the pandemic.

She shared the photo (above) and captioned; “A couple, a pandemic, & a postponed wedding: A series,” Sarah captioned the photos. “We were supposed to get married today. Instead… we took pictures and drank wine. I love you to Pluto & back.”

Adams added to the fun with a photo of Sarah in white dress, hat, sunglasses, and a veil with a cheeky caption;
“We were supposed to get married today. We didn’t. But I still got to grab a butt,” “So, ya know, still pretttty cool.”

Sarah Hyland

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